Intertribal Winter Sports Summit

  • IWSS Teton Village Road Teton Village, WY, 83025 United States

Intertribal Winter Sports Summit

Intertribal Winter Sports is an event that brings Native youth to new heights learning to ski and snowboard on the slopes of the Tetons.

While all participants in IWSS live in snow county, they have rarely if ever been given an opportunity to experience the winter thrill of skiing or snowboarding. It is our hope that through our program a Native youth participant will one day emerge as an Olympic athlete.

We strive to include in our program, Native youth who in spite of often adverse conditions are choosing to make better choices for themselves by getting good grades in school, participating in sports activities or dancing in cultural gatherings such as powwows in their dance category regalia.

Schedule of Events:

  • Saturday, February 11th: Our big fundraiser, see event HERE
  • Wednesday, February 22nd: Kids will be traveling from Rapid City, South Dakota. They will be staying at the Teton Science School.
  • Thursday, February 23rd: Opening prayer led by Duane Two Bulls is open to the public. We would like all of our volunteers to join us as we couldn’t do this without you. Please join us at the Gondola at 8:15 am.
  • Thursday, February 23rd: After the opening prayer our kids will be outfitted with their gear of choice, skis or snowboards. The mountain will provide passes for our mountain volunteers. Anyone who wants to volunteer can contact Patty Sabon at psabon@yahoo or 307 203-5111.
  • Friday, February 24th: On the mountain all day. Evening leadership activity program at the Teton Science School.
  • Saturday, February 25th: Closing ceremony, Traditional dancers from Fort Hall, Idaho.