Red Nations Rising in the Tetons

Intertribal winter sports summit


We are IWSS


Intertribal Winter Sports Summit is an event that brings Native youth to new heights learning to ski and snowboard on the slopes of the Tetons


We strive to include in our program, Native youth who in spite of often adverse conditions are choosing to make better choices for themselves by getting good grades in school, participating in sports activities or dancing in cultural gatherings such as powwows in their dance category regalia.




We welcome any and all help from the “boots on the ground” with gathering food and/or donations, setting up the sweat lodge, out-reach to our Native tribes to “boots on the mountain”, skiing and snowboarding with our kids. After a day of instruction it is fun for us to turn them loose with our volunteers to experience the joy of their new found skill. We will be having fundraising events throughout the year and can always use a helping hand. We also welcome any ideas for fundraising.



We have gone from a grassroots idea while working with other nonprofits in our first two years, to forming our own Non Profit, Oceti Sakowin Sports Council.



YEAR 1: American Horse School on Pine Ridge Reservation who were a part of the "Lakota 75". 


YEAR 2: Native youth from Albuquerque, New Mexico and The Crow Reservation.


YEAR 3: This year we're inviting Native youth from Standing Rock, Pine Ridge and Rose Reservations.


Our Team

Recently our IWSS team has grown with the addition of Miller Resor, Francesca Weikert and Blaine Galivan, who have come onboard with their passion for helping our Native youth. We are inspired by their creative thoughtfulness and enthusiasm.


Cody Hall

Cody Hall, President, Oceti Sakowin Sports Council, a South Dakota non profit. Mnicoujou Lakota part of the Teton Band from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota. Cody grew up excelling in althetics running in track and playing pro football. He is a staunch supporter of all Native youth in sports and knows about and follows their careers. He also runs a lacrosse program with an annual camp held in Rapid City in early summer. He has worked with Native youth in sports programs and training for 20 years. Cody is a true warrior following in the footsteps of his lineal ancestors Crazy Horse, Chief Sitting Bull and Spotted Elk (Big Foot) and as a leader and defender of his people. Cody spent four months at Standing Rock fighting to protect Unci Maka and Mni Waconi.


Chase Iron Eyes

Chase Iron Eyes, Incorporator, Oceti Sakowin Sports Council, Hunkpapa Lakota from Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Chase is an attorney and founding member of Lakota People’s Law Project. He played a pivotal role in the purchase and return of Pe Sla’ (the Heart) of the Black Hills. Chase ran a hard fought campaign against incumbent Kevin Cramer for North Dakota’s Congressional seat. After the campaign he returned to the camp at Standing Rock to stand with his people to defend and protect their drinking water supply and sacred sites against the illegal, Dakota Access Pipeline.


Patty Sabon

Patty Sabon; Incorporator,Oceti Sakowin Sports Council. A long time valley resident connecting Intertribal Winter Sports Summit to Jackson, Wyoming and Indian Country.